25 Ways to Improve Your Health

There are so many different ways to improve your health besides coming to the gym. We encourage you to get out and see things from a new perspective, start by kayaking down the river as freighters pass this spring, an exhilarating experience right here in St. Clair!

1. Replace sodas or soft drinks with tea or water

2. Commit to eating one raw fruit (or serving of vegetables) at every meal

3. Add just 5 minutes a day to your exercise routine. Don’t have an exercise routine? Start with 5 minutes a day!

4. Get more sunshine!

5. Learn some Pilates. Its probably the #1 exercise system for core strength and flexibility. Drink a super food smoothie everyday.

6. Buy more indoor plants. They purify the air in your home.

7. Take a quality, wild-harvested fish oil supplement that contains vitamin D.

8. Eat more quinoa: It’s a high-protein, low-carb “grain” that can easily replace rice or couscous.

9. When you get out of bed each morning, do five sit-ups first. It sounds simple but, but just 5 sit-ups a day can make a difference.

10. Instead of trying to find a parking spot so close to the grocery store, park further away. You’ll get a little more walk- ing exercise and a little more sunshine.

11. Get a good water filter so you can stop drinking tap water (or bottled).

12. Pick a “gentle” are like Tai-Qi or Yoga. It will reduce your stress and improve your physical stamina.

13. Take a relaxing hot bath with Epsom salts and soothing herbs like lavender. It will do wonders for your mind and your muscles.

14. Get a professional massage! Massage therapy is really, really healthy, and it’s a great way to reward yourself for some of the other accomplishments you’re making.

15. Grow your own sprouts! With a simple, low-cost sprouting machine, you can grow and eat your own sprouts.

16. Eating just one ounce of sprouts a day still had a huge impact on preventing cancer and boosting immune function.

17. Prepare for a Spring garden. Sure, it’s cold and snowy right now, but make a commitment to start a garden this Spring, and you’ll reap many health benefits in the months ahead.

18. Get a mini-trampoline and do some rebounding in your living room. You can even watch movies or documentary DVD’s at the same time.

19. Make a point to get at least eight hours of sleep for 2-3 nights a week (or more, if you can). Most people are sleep deprived, and the health cost is enormous.

20. Start visiting local farmer’s markets so that you eat more local food. You’ll be healthier and happier as a result.

21. Got a job you don’t like? Quit it! Downgrade your lifestyle to live on less money, then pursue what you really enjoy. Being happy in a small house is better that being miserable in a big one.

22. Get off those medications! Make a point to learn how to safely and gradually get yourself off all the medications you can by eliminating underlying imbalances or illnesses. The fewer medications you take, the healthier you’ll be.

23. Throw out your television! Are you still watching cable TV or satellite TV? It’s a complete waste of your life (but you already knew that). Disconnect the cable. Read more books and get your information online where news sources are more independent and intelligent.

24. Make a decision to think of food as nourishment instead of entertainment. Eat what your body needs, not what your taste buds desire.

25. Teach others how to be healthy! The more you talk with others about healthy habits, the more you’ll follow them yourself!